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With social media marketing budgets set to double by 2021, it’s easy to get carried away creating a business account across every social media platform. Whilst large brands have the capacity and resource to create exciting content targeted to each of their social accounts, SMEs can feel under pressure to keep up. That’s where we can help you… our social media review will provide you with a solution that fits your business. We will analyse your current social media accounts, competitor’s activities and target audience to help you to reach your social media marketing goals.

Channel-specific social

For social media content to be effective it needs to be well-targeted to attract your customers. Businesses need to focus their social media activity on the right platforms for them, we will scope out a plan shaped around the best social media platforms for your business.

After we have pinpointed the right social platforms for your business, we will set-up your social media accounts or optimise what you currently have in place, providing a tailored strategy to take your social marketing to the next level.

Content creation

We believe offering a full social content package is the wrong approach both for your budget and for the authenticity of your brand. It is so easy to spot the generic, self-promoting agency generated content leading to low engagement and conversion rates. The most effective way to use an agency is for content planning, design and strategy – we also offer workshops to help your team, as well as weekly and monthly content packages to provide the foundations for your daily posts.

The benefit of being a full-house marketing agency is that our designs can provide the substance behind your social stories.


Social media advertising is time-consuming to implement and monitor effectively, especially with so much competition and when consumers are becoming savvier with their clicks! Spending the time on the research, design and campaign set-up makes the biggest difference to your ROI. Our digital team will help you to reach your online advertising goals by researching, building/tweaking landing pages, creating effective enquiry forms and implementing A/B split test campaigns. We will monitor and review your campaign throughout and work with you to achieve the best results.

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