Some brands we've created

Brand strategy

Brand strategy is not optional. It’s not something that can be dropped or deprioritised to save budget. Along with sales and business strategies, it’s at the heart of a brand—the cement that binds everything together.

We dig deep, ask the difficult questions and find out what makes our clients who they are. We help them engage their teams (large and small) along the way, making sure everyone is clear about what a brand stands for.

Brand vision

When we create a brand we don’t present a bunch of logo options to choose from. Using our deep understanding gained from research and strategy development we present our brand vision.

Our brand vision creates a bold, compelling story that differentiates our clients from competitors and resonates with their audience. From the core identity and brand style, through to messaging and tone of voice, we build flexible brands, designed to last, inspire and adapt.

Messaging and language

What a company says—and how it says it— is vitally important when engaging with audiences, both internal and external.

We help companies define and distil, humanise and concisely communicate key messages. We create brand positioning statements, service or product messaging and internal communications—all in a tone of voice fitting to the brand.

Internal engagement

When launching or repositioning a brand it’s easy to focus on what the outside world thinks. How companies engage internally is often forgotten.

We put internal engagement at the centre of brand strategy. We help companies ensure everyone in a team (whether it be 10 or 10,000 people) understands what the organisation is and what it stands for. We develop engagement strategies and communication materials that create ambassadors for the brand.

Brand guardianship

You’ve invested heavily in your brand, now it’s time to protect it.

Once the main brand strategy and rollout work is done we like to stick around to make sure it stays on track. We work directly with clients, or as a support to internal design teams to help protect, maintain and develop their brand. We invest our time from the outset to understand the nuances of the brand and the more complex issues around the business – attention to detail is key.

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